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Welcome to our department's website!

It has been widely recognized that chemical engineering is indispensable in nowadays society to fulfill various needs of human beings. The chemical process industry has therefore become the pillar industry in China. However, wastes generated by the chemical process industry have caused adverse consequences to environment and human health. With China entering the new norm of development, innovation will absolutely be the key to drive its sustainable growth in the future. Staying at the core of innovation, universities will definitely take a critical role to deliver not only innovative technologies but also qualified talents with the capacity to turn the technologies into productivity.

Established in 1946, the department of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University has always been committed to address the major energy, resource and environment issues faced by the whole country while leading the fundamental research directions and producing the highest quality of graduates. Currently, more than 60 faculty members work in our department in the following five areas: 1) polymer science and engineering, 2) chemical reaction engineering, 3) separation science and technology, 4) biochemical engineering and 5) process systems and industrial ecology engineering. Even though it is a large chemical engineering department compared to those in other countries, it is among the smallest ones in China. The impact it has generated however is rather profound. According to the QS University Ranking by Subject, our department has been the only one of mainland China ranked top 30 worldwide during the past four years.

I thank you, all of our friends, our alumni, our students, our faculty/staff members for your ever great contributions and supports to our education and research. You are always welcome to pay a visit to us on our beautiful Tsinghua campus.

With best wishes,

Dr. Tiefeng WANG
Professor and Department Chairman