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The Department of Chemical Engineering offers two graduate programs in the two disciplines of (1) chemical engineering and technology and (2) material science and engineering. About 40 Master students and 40 Ph.D. students are enrolled in the programs each year. So far, we have more than 1800 Master and Ph.D. graduates. The research areas offered to graduate students include separation science and engineering, catalysis and reaction engineering, system process engineering, biochemical engineering, and polymer science and engineering. More than 30 courses related to chemical engineering and material science are offered in the department. The department aims to foster innovation and independent ability to engage in scientific research. From 2002 to 2010, eight of our Ph.D. graduates have each year received one of the “National Top 100 Ph.D. Theses Award”.

Students in the Master programs generally spend 2-3 years taking required courses and completing a research project. Ph.D. students who have a M.S. degree take 3-4 years to get the Ph.D. degree, while those who have only a B.S. degree take 4-5 years. All Ph.D. candidates go through the following steps: course studies, qualifier exam, literature review, mid-term thesis exam, and final thesis exam.


  1. Ph.D Program of Chemical Engineering and Technology (in Chinese)
  2. Ph.D Program of Material Science and Engineering(in Chinese)
  3. Master Degree Program of Chemical Engineering and Technology(in Chinese)
  4. Master Degree Program of Material Science and Engineering(in Chinese)
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