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The Department of Chemical Engineering offers two undergraduate programs: (1) chemical engineering and (2) polymer science and engineering, each with a four year curriculum. The programs provide students with a strong basis in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering practice. The curricula are designed to prepare students for a wide variety of career options in product design, process development, and scientific research and management. 120 undergraduate students are enrolled in the department each year, and a total of more than 8000 students have graduated so far.

Students fulfill the credit requirements by completing courses and engaging in industrial participation. The main courses of the chemical engineering program are: Principles of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Reaction Engineering Fundamentals, Chemical Engineering Design Projects, Fundamental Chemical Systems Engineering, and Fundamental Biochemical Engineering. The main courses of the polymer science and engineering program are: Polymer Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Processing, Analysis of Polymers, and Chemical Engineering Fundamentals. In addition, laboratory skills and research and engineering experience are emphasized. Students are required to take laboratory courses such as physics lab, chemistry lab, and chemical engineering lab. Students gain engineering experience through summer internships. They are also encouraged to engage in the Student Research Training Program. A half year research training is required of each undergraduate student.


  1. The Undergraduate Program of Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate Chem. Eng. Design Competition Practice in Petro-Chemical Industry