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The division of biochemical engineering was established in 1985 for interdisciplinary research and education in chemical engineering and the biological sciences. In the early stage when it was first founded, the division focused on basic research and the industrial applications of bioreaction and bioseparation engineering with chemical engineering tools. Now in the 21st century, the work of the division is to incorporate biotechnology and industrial biotechnology into the chemical industry. Many outstanding faculty and adjunct professors with different backgrounds in molecular biology, microbiology, agriculture, biological engineering and chemical engineering work in this division in the research disciplines of biocatalyst engineering, bioprocess engineering and applied biotechnology.

This division consists of one adjunct professor (Member of CAE), one endowed professor, five professors, eight associate professors, and one lecturer, among whom two young faculty members have each been awarded one of the Top 100 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. In the recent five years, research in this division has been sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology (973 projects, 863 projects, National Key Technology R&D Programs, etc.), Ministry of Education, local governments and companies. The division has published thousands of papers in high quality international and domestic scientific journals in the related fields, and more than 200 inventions have been granted patents. Progress have been made in basic research on biomolecular engineering, biocatalysis and biotransformation, microbial cell factory for biorefinery, bioprocess engineering, microbial evolution breeding, nanobiotechnology and molecular modification of biocatalysts, sludge-reduction wastewater treatment technology, design of single enzyme nanogel, etc. Since 2003, the division has received one Second Prize of State Technological Innovation Award and eight provincial-level Awards.

The educational aim of the division is to develop innovative abilities in bioengineering research. Every year, ten to fifteen Ph.D. candidates and fifteen to twenty Master candidates are enrolled in the division. In the recent five years, more than 40 Ph.D. students and 50 Master students have graduated from this division, and they are now playing important roles in the world. Based on the vision of “Global Thinking and Local Action”, this division has established international exchange and collaboration networks with world-leading universities, institutes and companies. A joint graduate program with the Tokyo Institute of Technology has been established, which will contribute to the globalization of graduate education.

The faculty members in this division are Prof. OUYANG Pingkai(adjunct professor), Prof. LIN Zhanglin, Prof. LIU Dehua, Prof. LIU Zheng, Prof. WU Jianzhong(endowed professor), Prof. XING Xinhui, Prof. YU Huimin, Assoc. Prof. DU Wei, Assoc. Prof. GE Jun, Assoc. Prof. GUO Zhigang, Assoc. Prof. JIANG Guoqiang, Assoc. Prof. LI Qiang, Assoc. Prof. LU Diannan, Assoc. Prof. ZHANG Chong , Assoc. Prof. ZHANG Minlian and Lecturer ZHAO Xuebing.


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