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The Division of Polymer Science and Engineering, as a research area and a degree program, has its beginning in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1958. During the 1950s and 1960s, researches were mainly focused on poly(tetrafluroethylene) (PTFE), which laid the technological foundation for the PTFE industry in China and won the National Award for New Invention. In the 1970s, researches on polycarbonate (PC) and its blends enabled the successful development of plastic weft-pirns to replace the previous ones made of wood, which are now widely used in the textile industry. In the 1980s, researches on high strength, high modulus and heat resistant aromatic nylons led to the development of China’s own high performance fibers, which are comparable to Kevlar.

Beginning in the 1990s, the Division of Polymer Science and Engineering entered a new development stage. The Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering was established to promote polymer research. New research areas include polymer nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, photonic and electronic polymers, polymer blends and alloys, biomedical polymers, environment-friendly polymers, polymer composites, and polymer physics and simulations. Currently, the Polymer Institute has 13 full time faculty members and 1 senior engineer, 1 ChangJiang Chair Professor (Peter X. Ma) and 1 Adjunct Professor (Charles C. Han), who are supported by research funding from NSFC, MOST, MOE and industry funding from major companies. The Institute continues to grow in prestige and is one of the best polymer research centers in the nation with many publications in eminent journals including JACS, Advanced Materials, Macromolecules, Langmuir, Polymer, and Chemical Communications.

The faculty members in this division are Prof. GUO Baohua, Prof. KAN Chengyou, Prof. TANG Liming, Prof. WANG Xiaogong, Prof. XIE Xuming, Prof. YU Jian, Assoc. Prof. GUO Zhaoxia, Assoc. Prof. HE Yaning, Assoc. Prof. HUANG Yanbin, Assoc. Prof. TUO Xinlin, Assoc. Prof. XU Jun, Assoc. Prof. YAN Litang and Assoc. Prof. YANG Rui.


 Institute of polymer science and engineering

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