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The chemical reaction engineering division was established in 1976 with the Fluidization Laboratory of Tsinghua University (FLOTU) as its basis. In 2002, FLOTU was converted to become the Beijing Key Lab of Green Reaction Engineering and Technology. Its research areas are multiphase chemical reaction engineering and material processing involving gas-solid, liquid-solid and gas-liquid-solid systems, which range from fundamental studies to the development of new reactors and new applications. The division aims to provide new technologies for processes for the clean production of energy, chemicals, and advanced materials. In this work, new multiphase reactors are developed, which include the gas-solid cocurrent downer reactor, circulating slurry bed reactor, nano-agglomerated fluidized bed reactor, and multi-stage turbulent fluidized bed reactor. In academic research, fluid dynamics, mass and heat transfer, and chemical reactions in multiphase reactors are studied by experimental measurements, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulations. Recent new research directions include green catalytic reaction engineering, nano-materials preparation, particle technology, and clean energy and chemical processing. The division has many advanced instrumentation including a TAP (temporal analysis of products) reactor and equipment for PDPA (FSA3500), PIV, SEM (JSM7401F), TEM (JEM2010), and XRD characterization and Raman spectroscopy. There are more than twenty experimental reactors. The division also organizes national and international conferences on fluidization, particle technology, chemical engineering, and nano-materials, and carries out collaborative research with foreign universities, research institutes and companies.

The faculty members in this division are Prof. JIN Yong, Prof. WEI Fei, Prof. WANG Jinfu, Prof. WANG TingJie, Prof. WANG Dezheng, Prof. CHENG Yi, Prof. XIANG Lan, Prof. HAN Minghan, Assoc. Prof. LUO Guohua, Assoc. Prof. QIAN Weizhong, Assoc. Prof. WANG Yao, Assoc. Prof. WANG Tiefeng, and Assoc. Prof. ZHANG Qiang.


Beijing key laboratory of Green Reaction Engineering and Technology

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