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Tuo Xinlin

Associate Professor in Polymer Science and Engineering

Dr.TUO Xinlin received his PhD in Polymer Science and ;Engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2002, and has worked in the department since then. In 2006 he became associate researcher of Polymer Science and Engineering. His research focuses on high performance polymeric materials and their applications including 1)High-strength and high modulus polymers. Main focus is fixed on the whole process production technology of aromatic polyamide, including polyamide synthesis, solvent recovery and manufacturing of the fiber and porous membrane, which have great applications in many industrial areas. 2) Biomedical materials for arti?cial nucleus replacement, bone hemostatic agent, joint prosthesis, etc. polyurethane is the representative which is specially designed in chemical structure, synthesized in suitable quantity,characterized with biomedical standard and attempted to used in clinical test. 3) special polymeric materials for Aeronautical applications such as silicone or fluorine containing polymers and polymeric coatings for nuclear waste. Many research projects are carried out on support by national 973 program, NSF of China and joint corporation program. He is also the main spearker of two courses "introuction to polymer materials" and "polymer chemistry".