Professor in Chemical Engineering

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Education and Experience:

Professor CHEN Jian received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 1985, 1990 and 1994, respectively. He has worked in the department since 1990, becoming Professor of Chemical Engineering in 2001. He worked as a visiting scholar in Schlumberger, Canada in 2002.

Research interests:

Thermodynamics and Separation Engineering

Research interests cover 1) Molecular thermodynamics of fluid properties and phase equilibria for fluids across the critical point, unsymmetrical fluids in size or interaction, fluids with association. 2) Molecular design for solvents based on the quantitative structure-property relationship. 3) Engineering thermodynamics and process design for separation processes such as gas absorption, solvent extraction, and so on.

CO2 capture technology

Recently CO2 absorption used for greenhouse gas CO2 capture and sequestration CCS is the main research area, including molecular design of new capture solvents, thermodynamics and kinetics of vapor-liquid absorption systems, process simulation and optimization, technological design and intensifications.


Selected Publications:

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