Wang, Jinfu

Prof. Dr.rer.nat.


Department of Chemical Engineering

Tsinghua University

Professor WANG Jinfu graduated from Tianjin Institute of Light Industry with B. Sc. degree in chemical engineering and technology in 1982. He received Ph.D. (Chemistry) from the University of Paderborn, Germany, in 1994. He has worked in the department since 1995, and was promoted as a professor in 2000. Prior to that he worked at the department of chemical engineering & chemistry, the University of Paderborn as a Postdoctoral research fellow from 1994 to 1995. He teaches <Chemical Reaction Engineering> to the  undergraduate and <Applied Mathematical Analysis in Chemical Engineering> to the graduate students. His research specializes in the field of chemical reaction engineering and focuses on developing novel reactors and processes for the energy-, chemical, biochemical and environmental industries. The research approach is based on the fundamental study on the hydrodynamics and characteristics of mass and heat transfer in the concerned reactors. Another important research approach is modeling and development of chemical reactors and processes. Especially the multiphase system is considered for prior research interests.

Recent publications:

1.       Vacuum pyrolysis of plant oil asphalt for transport fuel production catalyzed by alkali metal compounds. Fuel Processing Technology, pp.192-198, 2014

2.       Synthesis of a green fuel additive over cation resin, Chemical Engineering Technology, pp.1951-1956, 2013

3.       Catalytic dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether over micro–mesoporous ZSM-5/MCM-41 composite molecular sieves, Applied Catalysis A, pp.36-42, 2012

4.       Reaction kinetics of biodiesel from waste oil using a carbon-based solid acid catalyst, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, pp.163–168, 2011

5.       A modified pseudopotential for a lattice Boltzmann simulation of bubbly flow, Chemical Engineering Science, pp.5615-5623, 2010

Development achievements:

1.     Commercial biodiesel production technique

2.     Commercial dimethyl ether production technique

3.     Commercial PODE3~5 production technique

4.     Commercial dimethyl sulfate continuous production technique

5.     Commercial fluidized bed reactor for methyl chlorosilane production

6.     Commercial reactor for acetylene production from nature gas

7.     Radial flow moving bed reactor for continuous catalytic reforming

8.     Commercial reactor for methyl-phenyl-dichlorosilane production

9.     Commercial reactor for acetylacetone production

10.  Gravity blending bin for powder or particle mixing