• Green synthesis of polyvinyl butyral

  • Dynamic interfaical tension on droplet surface

  • On-line phase separator for microflow extraction

  • Indstrial application of micromixing device

  • Group photo in 2017 summer

Research DirectionS

1. Micromixing and Microscaled Transport Phenomena

For studying the micromixing and microscaled heat/mass transfer processes, we are developing automated microfluidic platforms to explore the mixing characteristics and dynamic interfacial tension evolution in microchannels. We also propose microscaled transport models based on LBM or OpenFOAM method to reveal the basic fluid dynamic mechanisms.

2. Green Syntheses of Organics via Microreactors

Aiming at the green synthesis of fine chemicals and their intermediates, we are developing advanced flow chemistry platforms to improve product yield or selectivity, through reaction kinetics regulation or electrochemical reaction technology. We are also interested at achieving miniaturization and continuity of high-end chemical synthesis processes.

3. Microreaction Continuous Preparation of Optical Nanomaterials

For stably preparing the rare earth upconversion nanoparticles and metal nanoparticles, we develop high-temperature microreaction experimental platforms to study the nucleation growth of rules nanoparticles, and propose continuous nanomaterial preparation technologies to achieve material structure control and surface functionalization.

4. Scale-Up, Integration and Industrialization of Microreactors

For the industrial application of microreaction process, we establish the scale-up method of micro equipment, realize the coupling and matching of microreaction devices, and carry out the industrialization practice of flow chemistry technology.

Research Projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China,21776150,2018.1 - 2021.12
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China - Yunnan Joint Fund Key Project,U1302271,2014.1 - 2017.12
3. National Natural Science Foundation of China,21106076,2012.1 - 2014.12
4. Foundation for the Author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of the People’s Republic of China,201349,2012.1 - 2016.12
5. Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program,20151080361,2016.1 - 2018.12

International Academic Awards

1. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Class of Influential Researchers,2018
2. Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Emerging Investigator,2017


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Book Chapters

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