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Selected Papers

Multi-component polymer systems and Melt-grafting of Polymers

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Confined crystallization and Phase Separation of Polymers

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Polymer assisted assembly of Low-dimensional Nanomaterials

  1. Yi-Tao Liu, Xu-Ming Xie and Xiong-Ying Ye, "Tuning the solubility of boron nitride nanosheets in organic solvents by using block copolymer as a "Janus" modifier", Chemical Communications, in press (2012)
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Numerical simulation for phase separation of polymer mixtures

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Polymer gels and colloids

  1. Jun Yang, Chun-Rui Han, Jiu-Fang Duan, Ming-Guo Ma, Xue-Ming Zhang, Feng Xu, Run-Cang Sun and Xu-Ming Xie. "Studies on the properties and formation mechanism of flexible nanocomposite hydrogels from cullulose nanocrystals and poly(acrylic acid)", J of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 21, in press (2012)
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